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Christmas Traditions for Your Family

There aren’t many Christmas traditions that we have as a family, personally, but we do have a few. If you are looking for more to add to your traditions OR you are looking to start some traditions, here are my favorite ones during the holiday season.

1. Bake Cookies

Baking cookies can be educational (if you wish to use it in your homeschool) but it also breeds contentment. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you smell fresh baked cookies? EXACTLY. All the more reason to get to baking. And yes, store bought frozen cookies work just fine. The smell is the same. Oooooh, the sweet smell of cookies! Also, let’s not forget ALL of the memories that will be formed as you work side by side with your kids. Priceless memories right there!

2. Christmas Light Looking

This is one of my kids (me too!) favorite things to do during the Christmas Light Season. We all bundle up in the truck with blankets, in our jammies, some warm drinks and head out to find Christmas lights. the “oohing” and “ahhing” is such sweet mucic to my ears. As well as the laughter as we talk over each other as we point out the windows at the silly/funny decorations in peoples’ yards. We have had some years where we froze as we drove around and other years we have had to leave the truck windows firmly closed witht he AC pumping.

3. Christmas Cards

We enjoy sending Christmas cards to family memebrs during this season but we really love to send it to the many soliders that are far from home. Each year, my daughter and I enjoy signing each card with Christmas Wishes and Thank you’s – praying that each person that gets one will be blessed, even though they are from from their own families at Christmas time.

4. Christmas Jammies

This is one I had always wanted to do when the kids were little. But money was usually tighter than I would have liked so we recently started doing matching jammies for the whole family. Silly you say? Totally. But the funny pictures and the silly laughter is so well worth it in my opinion. If you can, wear your matching jammies often – the giggles throughout the year create sweet binding memeories for each of you.

5. Chrismtas Movie Night

Going along with the Christmas jammies, we absolutely love piling onto our king sized bed and snuggling up to watch Christmas movies as  family. Yes, we have seen each of these movies dozens of times across the years but again, MEMORIES are being created. These are the same movies that I watched as a kid and I pray that my kids will pass these movies along to their kids someday. One of my favorites is ELF, by far one of the sweetest and most hilarious movies for Christmas. Coming in at a close second if Rudolph (the OLD version mind you, the claymation version, lol). And you may not agree, but most of us enjoy Die Hard as our yearly Christmas movie here too.

6. Gifts for Neighbors

This one ties into the baking cookies one usually. We spend days sometimes making all sorts of goodies to pass along to our neighbors. This is one of the sweetest moments during our year as we pass out the treats to all of our neighbirs. Even if you don’t speak to them ALL YEAR long, this is a beautiful time to show Jesus and give, even if you don’t want to. Create servants my friends, your children will thank you one day, priomise.

Those are our yearly Christmas traditions. Do you have any that you would love to share?

And now for ANOTHER goodie!

Can you believe that this is the last Christmas in this decade?!  Where has the time gone? I have teamed up with some pretty generous bloggers for the 6th annual Christmas Blessings Giveaway with the hopes of making this a Christmas to remember for TWO families as we close out this decade. 

While we wish we could bless many more families, we were able to come up with a big prize for TWO families – $500 each (delivered via Paypal) – that we pray will make a big difference in their lives this Christmas season – whether it’s to fulfill their kids’ Christmas wishes, pay off some bills, or to help build some savings, our prayer is that it helps to lessen any financial burden and/or fills a specific need.

There are lots of entry options in the Rafflecopter form below – the more you enter, the better your chance of winning!  I know it can seem tedious and time consuming to go through all the entries, but isn’t a chance at $500 worth it? I think it is! 

Plus, all of these amazing bloggers donated their own money toward the cash prizes, so this giveaway wouldn’t be possible without them.  I hope you’ll take the time to check out each one. Who knows, maybe you will find some new blogs to follow.

The giveaway will run from Monday, November 18th through Wednesday, November 27th (ends at 11:59pm EST).

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Best of luck friend and may you enjoy the amazing Christmas season.

In His Grace,


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