We are the Domingues Family, Silvio, Callie, Isaiah, Ana, and Joseph, and we would like to welcome you to The Round About Farm. It is a small 45 acre homestead that we were blessed to discover back in 2015. We began our homesteading journey back in 2012 when we realized that life in a subdivision isn’t everything it is cracked up to be. So with lots of planning and massive quantities of prayer we began our journey for a piece of land to call home. The Round About Farm is the realization of all of that prayer and planning.

One cold January day in 2015 we showed up and looked over this overgrown bit of earth and we “saw” exactly what it could become. Our dream property was staring at us from behind the brambles and the prickly thorns in the what-used-to-be pasture. We are incredibly blessed to be able to share all of our hardships of reclaiming our pasture and how we are building our shipping container house, practically with our own hands.

Silvio and I are what most would consider “middle-aged” (including our kids, lol) and we are starting this homesteading journey later in life than most people. But with grit and determination we believe that this is possible and we fully expect to succeed.

A brief overview of what we are doing and/or expect to accomplish on The Round About Farm:

  • homeschool our children (we have been doing this since 2006)
  • garden large enough for 5 people (off and on since 2013)
  • canning and preserving food (off and on since 2013)
  • rasie, breed, and cull meat rabbits (successful since 2013)
  • building our own house from shipping containers (working on this since 2015)
  • small herd of cattle
  • small herd of goats
  • flock of chickens
  • own a donkey or two
  • raise pigs
  • build my husband’s garage and our barns
  • and much more

Journey with us as we share all of the ups and downs of what life looks like here at The Round About Farm.

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