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Fall is the perfect time for homeschool field trips. The cool crisp air is a relief from the hot humid summertime and the kids are in a better mood when you go out (usually, lol). Fall is packed with great activities and seasonal fun just ripe for field trips for the inquisitive homeschooler. These fun fall field trips ideas will make your kids fall in love with learning.

If you live in the north you have a great advantage of beautiful fall foliage to enjoy. Most northern states have a great train ride or other tours your family can sit back, relax, and travel the countryside gazing at the stunning colors. This is a great way to show your child the beauty of fall and a great time to discuss the process in which our trees change color each year

A pumpkin patch field trip is really the most rememberable fall field trip. From hayrides, to picking their own pie pumpkin, kids learn so much about farms and how pumpkins grow while out in the fields seeing everything up close and personal. Most pumpkin patches offer more great options like petting zoos and hay bale playgrounds that allow children to freely explore. This field trip makes a great family tradition and can be enjoyed nearly anywhere.

This one is for those in the northern areas (southern folks, check the local mountainous regions around your area, you might be surprised to find apple orchards) is a trip to your local apple orchard. Apple orchards are amazing places for an inquisitive child. Watching the fruit rot that has fallen on the ground. Tasting fresh apples right from the tree that they picked themselves creates a lasting memory for your child. Stop by the farm stand while you are there and give some homemade apply goodies a try for lunch.

If you are lucky enough to live where the apple orchards are you may find yourself with a cider mill nearby as well. There is something about donuts and fresh cider on a crisp fall day that just feels right. Take the kids and enjoy any tour offered or explore on your own to see how a cider mill works. Many will have plenty of viewing areas so you can watch all of the action. This is a great way to study machines and how they help us do things.

A fun fall field trip is a corn maze. This is a great way to work on team building as your family finds their way out of the corn maze together. While kids learn navigational skills and a good bit of problem-solving they also get an up close and personal look at corn and how it is grown.

This great field trip for the fall that your kids are bound to love is a trip to your local farmers market. The farmers market is a great place to observe the changing of the seasons and how it affects our food supply. Talk to your child about the changes in what is available compared to when you came in for a visit in the summer and spring. The changes of the seasons affect it in every way.

I bet you can find more than just these field trips for fall, so head out into the crisp air and see what you can see with the kiddos!

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