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7 Medicinal Herbs you need to grow in your backyard


If you have a backyard garden, you can take advantage of some space to plant medicinal herbs. Most of the processed medicinal products you buy from the mall have their original ingredients obtained from a combination of these herbs. Here are some of the medicinal herbs you can easily grow in your backyard.

1. Lavender

Known by its scientific name Lavandula angustifolia, this is an important plant both medically and in beauty. It has a great fragrance and hence it is used as one of the ingredients in making perfumes. It is also an important element in the aromatherapy session.

On the medical edge, lavender offers quick relief from headaches and a simple sniff has been shown to alleviate signs of depression among people. It has also been noted to be able to clear acne and accelerate the healing of wounds.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most common medicinal plants. It is normally a drought resistant which does well in sunny areas. Aloe Vera is known to reduce irritations in minor burns and cuts. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and moisturizer.

3. Rosemary

Rosmarinus Officinalis, as the plant is known in scientific terms is both a medicinal and culinary plant. The rosemary oil is used to improve cognitive functions, reduction of brain aging and enhancement of memory.

4. Comfrey

Many people across different parts of the world think comfrey is weed and it has been treated like so for the longest time possible. Symphytum officinale, as the plant is known scientifically, could not be farther from being a weed. At least in its functionalities as a medicinal plant. Those who know it well use the plant’s roots and leaves to treat broken bones and ligament injuries. It is a vital plant in tissue regeneration and it has also been noted as important in offering relief from varicose veins and arthritis.

5. Pot Marigold

This is one herb that looks extremely good in any form of garden and packs a bunch of benefits. Calendula officinalistastes great when packed in tea and it offers much-needed relief to people suffering from varicose veins. The flowers of this plant are edible and great for the skin. You can also use the plant to ease digestive problems.

6. Peppermint

Peppermint is a great herb when it comes to dental hygiene. You may have observed some pepper-mint flavored gum at the mall. Candies also have this flavor from this plant. Apart from bringing the much-needed freshness to your mouth, this herb can also be used as a soothing balm. The plant thrives in places with ample water and humidity. Do not plant them close together. Give them some space to breath and thrive.

7. Roman Chamomile

There are different variations of this herb but this is the common and well known herb for medical usage. It is popularly known as Chamaemelum nobileand it is vital in calming upset stomachs, particularly in children. You can also gargle the tea to relieve mouth ulcers.

There are so many amazing plants in our world that God created for us. I am in awe that we can use a vast number of “weeds” and plants and that they benefit our health in various ways.

Do you have any plants that you like to grow in your backyard or planter that you use for your health?

I’d love to learn more from you if you use medicial herbs! Feel free to leave me a note here or send me an email. I’m always looking to increase my knowledge about plants and herbs.

In His Grace,


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